Thursday, November 15, 2012

Customer Service - Dealing with what you don't know

You're a Burger King employee. 

You give a lady her double-cheeseburger meal in a takeaway bag.

Two minutes later she comes back, tears down her face.  She's broken down, over the fact you gave her the wrong order.  

'Sheesh, what a weirdo, overreaction much?' you think as you apologise and hurry to sort out the correct meal.

What the Burger King employee didn't realise was that the woman's mother had died the previous night and it hadn't sunken in yet..................

This HAPPENED last week in West Auckland. (more or less)

 My sister was telling me about how her friend watched her mother take her last breath.  She witnessed death happen.

And if you've ever lost someone, you know that it's weird the world keeps going as if nothing ever happened. 


I couldn't help but think of the Burger King staff when she told me this story - they wouldn't have had a clue.   

When you're in customer service, you deal with multiple people daily.  You don't know what's going on in that grumpy man's life or that slutty-looking chick's for that matter.  You don't know whether that surly teenager is being bullied or that mother is on the edge of a mental breakdown.

We all have stuff going on and it's your duty to acknowledge & respect people as people.  Even when they're rude, you need to be the bigger person (and not kick them in the head like a recent McDonalds employee in Otago!)

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