Thursday, November 8, 2012

7 Questions that will skyrocket your business into Awesomeness

These should be your Go-To Questions you should ask yourself ALL the time in order to keep your business alive & thriving:
1.  What business are you really in?

The business you are in is Making Customers Happy!

  • You don’t sell houses, you sell homes
  • You don’t sell hair-cuts, you sell fantastic self image
  • You don’t sell insurance, you sell peace of mind
  • You don’t sell baby car seats, you sell safety

So again, what business are you really in?  In order to really know how to market your product, you need to know what your business is.

2.  Who is your Ideal Customer?

I have found this to be the absolute, number 1 best question to ask a business owner.  When I was involved in BNI (Business Networking International), I would ask my BNI members this all the time.  Otherwise, how would I know who to refer to them? 

It needs to be specific.  If you’re a sunglasses salesman, the answer can’t just be “everyone” as everyone needs sunglasses.  If your customer is everyone, then your customer is no one.

3.  What does your Customer value in your product or service most of all?

This should be at the heart of how you tailor & market your products & services.  You must always be providing value.

4.  What area do you excel in?

Always know where you beat your competition (and if you can’t beat your competition at anything, I would suggest you find something else to compete in…)

5.  What are the Specific problems that are holding you back right now?

Or is it a long list of small problems?  What’s the main one?  If you could fix that, then what?  What can you do to fix it?  More training?  Less micro-management?  More management?  More sales?  More staff? 

6.  What are the 20% of your actions that account for 80% of your results?

Who are the 20% of your customers that account for 80% of your business?
Who are the 20% of your prospects that account for 80% of your sales?

Allocate your resources carefully.

7.  Action time!

Go over these points, really go over them.  Write down the first things that pop into your head.  Then put it down & come back to it.  Write down a list of things you should do & stop doing.

If you don’t change anything, then nothing will happen.

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