Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How desperate are you for a better life?

A boring High School teacher is diagnosed with terminal cancer.  His wife is pregnant & he has no idea how they are going to pay for his medical bills.  He’s realised he hasn’t achieved whatever it is he’s wanted to in his life and he is a desperate man.
His desperation leads him to start cooking crystal Meth.  Chaos ensues.

That’s right, I’m talking about Breaking Bad mofo’s!!!!

I'M HOOKED.  I've been watching the whole series over the last three weeks and am living and breathing the whole crazy storyline. 

The show has a way of making you think about life, death, illness, family and the almighty dollar.  That said, we just love the idea of a character turning from mild-mannered high school teacher, into a complete badass. 

It begs the question:  If you were diagnosed with terminal cancer, would you be happy with what you’ve left behind?

Do you feel like you’re missing out on anything? 

I don’t believe that you HAVE to do AMAZING things that wow everyone in your life.  “Person A” can get just as much joy making a cup of tea as “Person B” jumping out of an aeroplane.

So you being you, are you happy with your life? 

If the answer is “no” then I would humbly suggest you need to get a bit desperate.  Get desperate for a bit of happiness as if your life depended on it – because I believe it does. 

So many of us leave for work in the dark, and get home in the dark. 

We take calls all day, get interrupted by the ‘ping’ of an email, and the beeping of text messages.  We have suppliers, customers, bosses, squeaky wheels on our cases all day.  We get worked up in traffic (we have crazy drivers here in Auckland) and car stereos that break.  When it comes to feeding & bathing kids at night or you’re being engaged by your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/partner/flatmate – you just don’t have the energy.  And then after all that, where’s the time to exercise?  Sorry, it’s time to crash and repeat the cycle.

No wonder our relationships fail.

No wonder we have short fuses with our kids.

No wonder we keep making stupid mistakes at work.

We need to delete the meaningless stuff. 

If you need to do some extra work to get up to date for tomorrow – do you really?  How much of that do you do?  Is it vital?  Or is it really meaningless?  If the TV is blasting when you walk in the door, try turning it off, dimming the lights and listening to some music instead. 

Are you sure about those deadlines you have at the moment?  Are you putting pressure on your suppliers needlessly?  Are your employees not getting a life because of the stress you’re forcing on them?  You need to own that responsibility. 

Take stock of what you’re up to today, tomorrow, this week.  What have you got in the pipeline?  Are you cool with that? 

Perhaps you need address that idea that’s been niggling at you.  That thing that you can’t get out of your mind.  Wouldn’t you rather live with no regrets?

My business is The Non-Boring Web Doctors, I hope I keep balance and never become The Non-Boring Meth Doctors in an act of desperation.  Although, that would also be non-boring – and who would suspect me?  Muahahaha…although I don’t think I could handle melting bodies in acid.  Bleh!

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