Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Start small, think big.

A catapillar doesn’t go straight from egg to butterfly. 

“Respect your elders” was instilled into me from a young age.  This was mostly drilled into me by my older brother & sister who were constantly telling me to do things they didn’t want to do, followed by “Do it Rosie, respect your elders!”  I’d then frown, say “No”, then they’d tease me for frowning. 

“Elders” have experience.  Wisdom comes from experience.  There’s a lot to be said for observation.


When joining an organisation, it’s wise to start small.

  • Listen to the people who are there already
  • Don’t make any changes right away
  • Observe how things work and respect the thinking that’s already gone into the place

When starting up a business, it’s wise to start small

It’s exciting starting up a business.  You’ve been dreaming about it for ages and FINALLY it’s happening!  Yay!

But in your excitement, don’t take out a loan to buy the latest, greatest technology because you’re POSITIVE you’re going to succeed.  Don’t hire 50 staff when you can start small and hire a few part-timers to get by at first.


When joining an organisation:

  • Brainstorm where the company can go
  • Map out some goals for the company
  • Figure out how you can contribute to make the company or office better
  • Work out how you can help to improve the worklife of your co-workers & customers

When starting your own business

  • Brainstorm where your company can go, THINK BIG.
  • Map out some goals for your company
  • Figure out how you can make your staff LOVE to work for you
  • Figure out how you can make your customers ADORE you

And go from there.   Be humble, don’t be a dick & think big.

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