Sunday, September 23, 2012

Social Media BEST Practice for B2B Business

A recent study has TOTALLY CONFIRMED what I’ve been recommending to people – it may as well have read: “Hey you there, listen to Rosie, she’s awesome”.  Thanks Hubpages.
1.  GET A BLOG ("get a perm Doug" for Kiwi readers)

Blog your little heart out!  More and more businesses are discovering the power of blogging.  It’s where all your wonderful content is housed, it’s where you’re a thought leader.  Did you know that even the FREQUENCY of posting has a DIRECT effect on whether you get any customers or not?  


Sure, LinkedIn seems like the unsexiest social media platform on the planet, but it’s effective.  Get in there, make your profile ROCK, JOIN FORUMS, and then network your little butt off.  Yes, there are a lot of desperate “COME TO MY WEBINAR” salesmen & spammers – ignore them and for the love of all that is decent, don’t be one of them!!!


Number 1 rule of Social Networking is:  “Go where the crowd is”.  And the crowd is at Facebook.  Yes, by all means start a Facebook company page.  Facebook is far more effective in a B2C capacity – retail baby – but who knows where the future is headed as far as search engines go. 


Make videos!!  Make videos!!  Make videos!!!!!

You do realise Youtube is THE SECOND BIGGEST SEARCH ENGINE NEXT TO GOOGLE right??  Get in there, you’re silly if you don’t.


Even if you’re making a Podcast of your blog posts – it’s another great resource for people who learn better by listening (like me). 


OK, from here there isn’t an order because it does depend on your business. 


It’s on the rise and it has a great interface.  My prediction is it may just rival Facebook in time.  After all, Facebook doesn’t have the video-calling thing like Google Hangouts and the interface isn’t as pretty.

Ahh Twitter, I’m still not crazy about Twitter – I personally don’t think it’s vital.  BUT it’s good to be there, it’s good to tweet, it’s good to interact.  I’ve promoted my company twitter account way more than my Rosieteapot one, but it’s because I don’t really care a heck of a lot.

Sure it looks all shoes & nailpolish but don’t be fooled, men can harness the awesome power of Pinterest too – my brother’s a big fan for one and he’s a cop.

If your website is the source of the photo & you get people adding it & redistributing it all over the show, can’t do any harm.



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