Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dealing with Failure

It sucks to fail.

People can throw all sorts of sayings around like: “get some perspective”, “everyone’s still healthy”, “nobody died” etc.

But it sucks to fail and you’re going to go through a bit of grief over it.  I’m sorry you’re feeling like a failure.  It’s the worst.

In saying that, I’m not giving you permission to wallow in self-misery.

The fact that you failed means that you gave something a go – congratulations!  Most people’s lives just consist of work + TV.

The fact that you failed means that you have gained something – that experience makes you who you are. 

It’s what you do with that experience that counts now.

Don’t brush it under the carpet.  Embrace it, wear it proudly.  Pick yourself up again and keep working towards your goals. 

That’s how successful people deal with failure.

(And please talk it over with someone.)

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