Saturday, September 22, 2012

Advice for the Techno-Phobe Business Owner

Whenever I have to turn off an alarm for the first time when moving house or office, I feel like I’m defusing a bomb.  There’s a huge adrenaline rush and I tell myself “I’m a smart person, I can do this, I’m a smart person, I can do this, I’m a smart person, I can do this”. 

Techno-phobia shouldn’t be an excuse.

Somewhere in your past, someone told you that you weren’t good at technology.  Maybe you attempted to learn something, didn’t pick it up right away, and someone either jumped in and fixed it for you or made you feel stupid.  OR maybe you’re someone who has to be naturally awesome at something the first time you do it, otherwise you don’t want to try.

You’re a Business Owner, so you’re no dummy. 

The truth is, technology has changed and is changing all the time.  You DO need to get with the programme otherwise you and your business will be left behind. 

You can say all you want about “keeping things simple” and “doing things the old way” but the problem is, the majority of your customers and prospects aren’t doing things the old way.   Because of your stubbornness, you’re wasting money on avenues that simply don’t work anymore, like The Yellow Pages.

Here’s my theory:  If you can cook, you can do anything online.

Meaning, if you can follow a recipe and come out the other end with a cake, you can follow instructions and complete whatever technical task is at hand.

My advice is get some advice.  Talk to a real person about your business, someone who seems to be technically savvy.  Take them out for a coffee or a cup of tea & pick their brains. 

Because you’re smarter than you think.

If you're wearing one of these, you're beyond help.

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