Monday, August 27, 2012

vigorously respect your own opinions

You know what I hate?  The saying: “Stay true to yourself”

Urgh, puke puke.

And what SUCKS is I totally agree with that thinking.

I would rather say:  Vigorously Respect Your Own Opinions.

People who change history aren’t people who bend to others wills.  They listen to their instincts and act.

I don’t even think people who change the world would say “Stay true to yourself”.  It’s like that person who says they’re classy – a classy person doesn’t actually say “I’m classy”. 

I digress.

When you don’t vigorously respect your own ideas & opinions, you end up with degrees you don’t want, in a job you hate or living in a two-bedroom unit in a place you don’t want to live.  Sure it’s practical, but life sucks and then at the end of a suckful life, you die.  It’s a messed up way to think.

And everyone’s a critic – I’m convinced with the explosion of reality TV where you have chefs, singers and every man & his dog scrutinised for their efforts, we’ve become way more judgemental as people.  Why do people get so caught up in judging food shows from home & disagreeing with the judges?  The judge can TASTE the food.  YOU, on your couch at home, CAN’T.  So…why they should win again?  Because they’re a nice/attractive/likeable/funny person?  

Because we are so quick to critique, we’ve lost a bit of empathy along the way. 

I need empathy.  I need encouragement.  I’m human.

There was a long period of time where I would have ideas and I would instantly get shot down.  I would get told I was talentless, uncreative, stupid and a myriad of other things.  It’s KA-razy to think I was in that position & didn’t stand up for myself.  But anyone can be worn down over time.

 If you’re not getting support, say:  “Oi!  Support me damnit!  Encourage me!” and if they don’t, stand your ground and find someone who will. 

Vigorously respect your own opinions.

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