Monday, September 13, 2010

business cards, why get'em?

You might ask why a stay-at-home mum starting an online business need business cards?  It's not like I'm heading out to networking events and meetings after all.

But anyone starting a business should know cards are essential.


And on a more serious note, Reason #2 is far more crucial  - I'm sure you'll agree:

The main reason I wanted branded stationary is that I want to personalise notes for anyone who's nice enough to buy off me.  If the stationary is branded, it will add a professional touch.

If, like me, you have zero funding, Vista Print is a good place to start.  They give away heaps of printing freebies (eg. 250 business cards, branded postcards etc.) - you just have to pay postage. Their marketing strategy is to bombard your inbox everyday with their crazy deals in the hopes you'll be enticed over to the site, upgrade your products to premium quality and essentially buy more stuff off them.

I must admit I hurried my cards and made a snap decision to brand them along the lines of my blog in order to link the two.  This isn't a brand I'm going to keep, but I just had to create something to hand out.  I like that it's simple & slightly quirky in any case, but will give it more thought for the future.

(don't worry, I skewed the mobile number just in this pic, the cards are fine!)

When I'm making some money, I'll get my stationary printed locally from a good contact of mine, Ken Choe from Presentations Design & Print.  He's awesome.  (Sorry Vista, I'm using you for your freebies and your emails are going straight into my junkmail folder!)

Design is critical.  I've seen SO many TERRIBLE business cards over the years, and really only a handful of goodies, translating to brands I remember.  It amazes me people don't invest into their cards, they are truly effective at creating a lasting impression. 

Let's be inspired by cool, clever cards:

And my personal favourite: 

Happy branding!


  1. love your business card. VERY cute!!
    and love the rest too!


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